Peter Vukojevic | About Peter
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I love Real Estate because it is real! You can see it, touch it, feel it, appreciate it and, ultimately, call it “home”.

Plus, this business is exciting! No two days are the same. Every single day brings new challenges, unique people, and interesting properties.

Being part of this business for over 30 years has given me so many stories, I have a library full of them and I’m looking forward to adding to it in the future!


Peter Vukojevic is the Managing Broker for Sutton Group – Summit Inc., Brokerage.  He has been exposed to real estate for the past 30 years and has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. 

His success is a result of his marketing expertise, creative “out of the box” approaches, enthusiasm and dedication to results. He strives to inspire and support his sales associates to develop and achieve their goals and to reach new heights.

Peter’s work encompasses more than management and sales alone. He develops talent and empowers his agents to achieve their potential; he has a tremendous impact on developing talent of today and tomorrow. 

Peter is a Certified Richard Robbins Instructor for the Master’s Formula Program and a Certified Brian Buffini Mentor; two of the most comprehensive training programs the real estate industry. Peter also has extensive skill and experience in planning, developing and executing strategic marketing and sales plans for new home builders.

He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and received a Post Graduate Diploma from Humber College in Marketing Management and earned a special distinction on the Business School Honour Roll.


Something interesting to note about Peter Vukojevic is that he was an extremely accomplished fashion model with a well-established record of merit and achievement in the field.

His recognition, talent and accomplishments were national and international having served in numerous photo and promotional campaigns for many internationally renowned designers, including Ralph Lauren (Polo), Salvatore Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani, Yves St. Laurent, Gianfranco Ferre, Zenga and Zenga Sport and Hugo Boss.