Peter Vukojevic | John & Laura
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CASE STUDY: John & Laura R.

House-John-LauraJohn and Laura were ready to find the “right” home for their growing family – one that had a great location and needed space for the future.

They contacted Peter to get started. He helped them decide exactly what they needed and wanted out of a home and using his knowledge of the areas they were interested in, he began the search on their behalf.

Over time (so much time, that they and Peter are embarrassed to say), they saw many homes, but none were quite right. Neither John or Janet ever felt rushed or pressured to buy during this time as Peter understood their goals and wanted them to be happy with the outcome. He reminded them that the home for them is out there and they just had to keep looking until it was found; it had to “feel” right.

Then, they found it! The perfect house came on the market, it was everything they imagined and more.

The problem was that it was the “right” home for many people and they entered a competition for the home as multiple offers were brought to the seller.

Multiple offers are incredibly stressful and people are often known to buy a home for more than it’s worth due to the stress.

Peter has seen this many times before and kept them level-headed and again, reminded them, that there will always be another “perfect” house. He’d rather walk away then have them pay more than the home was worth.

With Peter’s experience, guidance and negotiation skills, they held firm and won the perfect home without overpaying.