Peter Vukojevic | Nick
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Nick-CondoNick was excited and ready to sell his condo and move to a new home. Condo living was great, but it was time for him to stretch his wings and grow into something with more space.

He didn’t see any issues with his unit, even though it had an unfortunate view and poor exposure, and listed it with an agent that listed the condo with little concern or guidance. The condo was on the market for a year…a very long year.

Nick was frustrated and didn’t understand what the problem was…the condo had been fine for him.

Peter was called in and after reviewing the market, competition, and most importantly, the unit itself, he explained the issues with Nick (who appreciated the guidance he was finally receiving), and created a plan to improve the unit.

Through minor adjustments, furniture staging, and other trade secrets, Peter changed the look of the unit and brought buyer interest back!

The condo sold in 5 days and for more than it was even listed for with the previous agent only 6 weeks prior!

Nick was thrilled!